Ladydoves Self Enrichment Organization, 501 (3)(C ) certified, was founded by Andrene Marie Williams. Ms. Williams was born in Jamaica, West Indies. As a child, she moved to the United States and resided in Queens, New York. She has a very supportive family who aids her in her mission to carry out the purpose of Ladydoves.

She is a health care professional and has worked in the healthcare administration for fifteen years. She is a nursing graduate and is currently pursuing her nursing license. She has a close relationship with GOD and gives him thanks everyday for blessing her with life and good health. She has a positive outlook on life and appreciates the people who have been there for her in good and bad times. She says she is blessed and highly favored and when asked how she’s doing, she will respond, “simply marvelous”. This positive outlook on life encourages her to work on this special project involving children. 

She saw that our future generation needed guidance and envisioned a program that will provide a positive outlet. Times today are different from when most of us were kids. Due to today’s cost of living, most single parents are forced to work two jobs to make ends meet. As a result of this, children are left to fend for themselves. They lack the means to get assistance with educational needs (such as help with homework). They are often left at home by themselves with no form of after-school activities. During the summer months, most kids, due to financial hardship are unable to attend summer camp. As a result of a decrease in the city budget, most of the free programs have been cut. 

Our future generation needs help. We have to help build the foundation for them to stand on. We have to provide them with some form of stability. We have to provide the necessary tools for them to be successful in life. We have to empower them with the necessary tools they need to perform at their optimal levels. With these ever increasing problems, came the birth of the Ladydoves Self Enrichment Organization. The dove which represents peace, serenity, new beginning, happiness and holiness is our symbol. 

Our organization is composed of educated, strong and ambitious ladies. Self Enrichment is the process of improving one self. Therefore, we are called Ladydoves Self Enrichment Organization.