A non-profit, 501 (c) (3) organization dedicated to providing scholarships, providing low-income families with financial assistance for summer camps/programs, mentoring, tutoring, after-school programs and job  preparedness skills for young adults.  Our goal is to provide a strong foundation for our future generations to grow on.  

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The Ladydoves Self Enrichment Organization (LSEO) is a non-profit organization based in Queens, New York. Ladydoves works to enhance and improve the outcomes for many of our community youths who we deem as valuable. These youths represent our future generations. The goal of our mentoring program is to empower and enrich the lives of our youth by providing mentors that will share their life experiences to increase their self-esteems and self-worth as well as nourishing their ability to be productive and efficient to reach their full potential. With the proper guidance, training and development of leadership skills, it is our goal to pave the way for them and help them build a strong foundation in which to grow. Additionally, the LSEO, as a responsible organization, recognizes that in order to assist our community youths as an organization, it is our duty to protect their individual rights and guide them in making the right decisions which will in the long run make them responsible, productive, and independent adults.

The Organization

The Ladydoves Self Enrichment Organization was founded in 2008 by Andrene Williams, the visionary leader, who saw a need in her community and set out to solve issues that related to future generations needing help and guidance. Our management team consists of the Board of Directors and members of Ladydoves Self Enrichment Organization working closely with the Chief Executive Officer. When the Ladydoves Self Enrichment Organization was formed, leaders within the organization positioned themselves to be in the forefront, and designed state-of-the-art programs that would provide positive outlets for youths within our communities and for their families. There are many single-parent homes and as a result of today’s economy, many of these single parents have to work more than one job to provide for their families. As a result of this, older siblings are usually the ones that have to assist their younger siblings with homework and other school related issues. There is also a decline in the free summer programs that are available for children for the summer. As a result of this, most parents do not have any recreational activities for their children for the summer and some of these children only have the street as their playground. This issue leads to a compromise in their safety. These are just a few of the issues that the Ladydoves Self Enrichment Organization deals with daily.


Ladydoves Self Enrichment Organization provides a variety of services to the community at-large including the scheduling and coordination of a number of activities and events. These include monthly meetings for information sharing with members, youths and their families, an annual scholarship banquet for high school students. In addition, we will be providing direct services to youths and their entire family, such as mentoring and counseling, which support individuals of our community from any socioeconomic background or race.  Included in this process, are professional seasoned veterans who have extensive experience in handling and managing individuals as well as family/group dynamics problems. Ladydoves Self Enrichment Organization also has medical board affiliates who are medical doctors, therapists and social workers who are available for referrals and consultations. Ladydoves’ communications department informs the community of events and issues directly affecting the children and families in the community we serve through our relationship with other organizations, regular monthly meetings and upcoming newsletter. 

We will cater to children and young adults from six (6) years to twenty (20). Ladydoves Self Enrichment Organization will provide individual and group tutoring, after-school and summer programs, financial assistance for children of low income families to attend summer camps, and also our mentoring program.  Our mentoring program will be available in-house as well as in various areas like foster care, schools and other facilities that are in need of our services. The goal of our mentoring program (Rising Phoenix) is to empower and enrich the lives of our youths by providing mentors that will share their life experiences to increase a youth’s self-esteem and self-worth, as well nourishing their ability to be productive and efficient - to reach their full potential.